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Guitar Straps

Pipe Bags

Straight and shawn neck. Available in small medium and large.

  Bagpipe BagBagpipeBags  
  Huge Range of accessories  
Practice Chanters
Normal and Long, both come with plastic reed and soft cover
Small and Large Chanters
Practice Goose
Comes with leather bag, bag cover, reed and hard case.
Practice Goose
Uilleann Pipe Practice Chanter
Drone Reeds
Cane Drone Reeds
Cane and Synthetic Practice Chanter Reeds


Hemp, Chanter Tape, Drone Plugs, Blowpipe Valve, Third Hand and Chromatic Tuner.
Gannaway Highlander Pipe Bag Dressing
Bag Seasoning Bag Seasoning
Bagpipe Maintenance Kit

Kilt Hose

(Pins shown for illustration only. Can be purchased separately)
Kilt Hose


(Drum Major, Pipe Major)
Available in Silver or Gold


Sporrans and chain
Sporran with sporran belt and chain.
Semidress - Calf Fur, 2 Tassels & Nickel Chains
Daywear - Black with Nickel Parts
Dress - Roo Fur with 3 Tassels
Care and Maintenance of the Great Highlang Bagpipe by Ringo Bowen
Highland Bagpipe Makers by James McGillivary
Rhythmic Fingerwork for the Highland Bagpipe by Jeannie Campbell
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