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Guitar Straps




Brass Mouth Pieces
Bach - Silver & Gold Plate
Deg -Silver Plated Brass

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Valve and Piston Lubricants
We carry Alisyn Synthetic, Deg, SuperSlick, Slide-O-Mix and Hetman Products.
AL CASS Vavle oil.
LA and Conn cork grease.

Cleaning Kits

For French Horn, Trumpet and Trombone

Brace Guard

Orthodontic lip protector for musicians with braces



Mute Holder
Sterisol Gremicide
Mouth Piece Wash

60ml bottle makes 1 litre
250ml bottle makes 4.5 litres

Leather Hand Guards

For Trumpet & French Horn

K+M Instrument Stands available
Made in Germany.


Cleaning Cloths & Polish

Hagerty silver duster - for silver plated instruments
Shino polishing cloth - for gold, silver, nickel, copper & brass
Hagerty silversmiths polish 237ml - for silver plating

A wide selection of mutes are available.

Humes & Berg Stone lined:
Straight - Cup - Bucket (Velvet Tone) - Harmon - Pixie - Plunger

Dennis Wick: Full range of Aluminium Mutes.

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