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Mouth Pieces

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Mouth pieces Woodwind

Brand Register Instrument Size
Yamaha Alto Clarinet 4C
Yamaha Tenor Clarinet 4C
Yamaha Baritone Clarinet 4C
Rico Royal   Clarinet A3
Rico Royal Alto Saxophone A3
Rico Royal Tenor Saxophone A3
Rico Royal Tenor Saxophone A5
Rico Royal Tenor Saxophone B5

Claude Lakey Mouth Pieces-Hard Rubber
Number Register Instrument
677   Clarinet
678 Alto Saxophone
679 Tenor Saxophone

Meyer Mouthpieces-Hard Rubber
Number Register Instrument
694   Clarinet
695 Soprano Saxophone
696 Alto Saxophone
697 Tenor Saxophone
698 Baritone Saxophone

Otto Link Mouthpieces-Bell Metal
Number Register Instrument
684 Soprano Saxophone
685 Alto Saxophone
689 Tenor Saxophone
687 Baritone Saxophone

Selmer (Paris) Mouth Pieces-Hard rubber
Number Register Instrument Series
001   Clarinet 85/120.85/115.85 &C80
003 Alto Saxophone S-80
005 Tenor Saxophone S-80


Mouth Pieces Caps
Brand Type Register Instrument Caps
Grover Plastic   Clarinet Cap
Grover Plastic Alto Saxophone Cap
Grover Plastic Tenor Saxophone Cap
Yamaha Plastic   Clarinet Cap
Yamaha Plastic Alto Saxophone Cap
Yamaha Plastic Tenor Saxophone Cap
Yamaha Metal Tenor Saxophone Cap(YTS-62)
Yamaha Metal Baritone Saxophone Cap(YTS-62)
Universal Lacquer Metal  Baritone Saxophone Cap
Universal Nickel Metal Bass Clarinet Cap

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Brand Size Instrument Plated
Deg 7c Cornet Sliver
Deg 7c Trumpet Sliver
Denis Wick 3B Cornet Gold
Deg 12c Trombone Sliver
Deg   Euphonium Sliver
Deg   Tuba Sliver

Denis Wick
Instrument Sizes
Cornet 2, 2B, 3, 3B, 4, 4W, 4B, 4.5, 5, 5B, S
Flugel Horn 2F, FL, 3BFL, 4F,4FL, 4BFL, 5BFL
Trumpet 1CW, 3C. 4B, 4C, 5, 5X
French Horn 4, 4N,5, 5N, 7, 7N
Tenor Horn 2, 3, 5
Trombone 12CS, 10CS, 9BS, 9BL, 7CS, 6BS,6BL, 5BS, 5AL, 5BL, 5ABL, 4.5AL, 4BL, 4AL, 3AL, 2NAL,1AL, 0AL
Baritone 9BS, 6BS
Euphonium 4AM, 6BM, 4AY, 6BY
Bass Tuba 1, 1L, 2, 2L, 3, 3L, 3SL, 4, 4L, 5, 5X

Bach Brass Mouth Pieces
Instrument Register Sizes
Trumpet   1, 1X, 1,CW, 1.25C1.5C, 2.5C, 3C, 5C, 6C,7C
Cornet   1.25C, 1.5C, 3C, 7C
Flugel Horn   1.5C, 3C. 7C
Trombone Tenor 6.5AL 7c, 12C
Trombone Bass 1.5G, 3G, 4G, 5G, 6.5AL

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